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Volumetric Type Water Meters
(15mm to 20mm)

Technical spec:

Semi Positive, Rotary Piston type, Volumetric meters, Super Dry Dial with Liquid Seal Register, Straight reading in Ltrs, suitable for Horizontal or Vertical line connections.


A volumetric meter is a device fitted into a closed conduit, which consists of chambers of known volume and a mechanism driven by the flow, whereby these chambers are successively filled with water and then emptied. A cylindrical piston is placed inside the meter which when moved by the water, it rotates around a pinion in the middle of the measuring chamber whose volume is known. The chamber has one inlet and one outlet hole. The water to be measured enters the chamber through the inlet hole and its pressure pushes the piston to rotation thereby displacing a volume of water through the outlet hole which is exactly the same as the known volume of the meters' measuring chamber. Every rotational cycle of the piston discharge a fixed volume of water to the body of meter. The number of rotation of the piston is totalized through a reduction gear, to totalize in the counters of the register, when the volume of water is registered.


Conforms to ISO 4064(1) Class C or Class D and EEC Directive 75/33/EEC.


15mm and 20MM


  • Conforms to ISO 4064 Class 'C' or Class 'D' and EEC Directive 75/33/EEC standards.
  • Assures good sensitivity and a High Accuracy of o to ± 0.2% at a low flow rate of upto 2 Itr/hr.
  • Starting flow of the meter is 2ltr/hr or less.
  • Super Dry Dial with vacuum Sealed and liquid sealed counters, Frost Resistant, for clear reading.
  • External magnetic tamper proof construction: Transmission is achieved through a corrosion-proof magnetic drive placed in a special shield that protects meters from external magnetic fields.
  • Brass Body coated with Rust Free Coating.
  • Highly Durable and Longer service Life. No need for recalibration.
  • Can be installed in any position (vertical / horizontal) without affecting performance.
  • Maintains metering accuracy and working characteristics over a long time period.