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Flowtech Water Meters and Instruments Pvt. Ltd., part of the FLOWTECH Group, is one of the largest water meter manufacturing company in India. Established in the year 2009 with a humble beginning and within a span of 11 years has grown as a group of Four Units for manufacturing water meters of all sizes and its associated products.

The Group was founded by Shri. P.K. Varghese, a well-known entrepreneur in the industry who has occupied top executive and managerial posts in many multi-national companies during his 40 years of experience. His vision of manufacturing a high quality water meter and selling at an affordable price to the customers has led to the group starting and expanding year after year in terms of Sales, Innovation and Product Development. Today the group has over 25,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facility in Coimbatore with a dedicated workforce of over 120 employees and over 50 varieties of products to offer. We are one of the fewest manufacturers in India having our own complete infrastructure of water meter manufacturing which includes Brass Foundry & Casting unit, Machine Shop, Powder coating/Painting units, Plastic injection molding division, Tool Rooms with R&D division to design, assemble and maintain Dies & Molds for all our Plastic Spares and Components, meter assembly and testing and calibration in our own Flow Labs certified by Bureau of Indian Standards.

Flowtech’s indigenous in-house Manufacturing capability ensures us with the capacity to manufacture any higher volumes with any desired changes as recommended by the customers and warrants a consistently high quality of our products and solutions, which serves as the biggest benefit for our customers, who are dependent on accurate and reliable metering for operational optimization and billing of their customers.

We are a self-reliant and self-sufficient company which has stood the test of time by proving our efficiency through success in marketing high quality products ranging from own manufacturing of (Domestic Size) 15mm to 25mm in Single Jet and Multi Jet types and trading of Woltman type water meters of from 50mm to 350mm. Flowtech is also in Technical Collaboration with Wenling Younio Water Meter Co. Ltd., China, who are one of the largest water meter manufacturer in World and also OEM to most big water meter names in industry like Honeywell, Elster etc. Our close relationship with this company ensures us the capability to develop any new technology within a very short time period.


Flowtech Group of companies consists of four manufacturing units which jointly contribute to the manufacturing of various sizes of water meters.
The following are the different units in the group:

This unit deals mainly with the manufacturing of class B Multijet type Water Meters ranging from 15mm- 25mm and are marketing 40 mm- 350 mm size of water meter. This is a private limited company and is closely related to the other units of the group. The Manufacturing and Quality Standards and Testing Facility is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards, Coimbatore, and is successfully maintaining an ISI License since 2010. This unit can manufacture about 12,000 pcs of Multijet type a month which can be increased upon requirement.
This unit mainly manufactures Single-jet Water Meters of 15mm and 20mm sizes, and also specializes in plastic injection moulding of all types of plastic components required for both self as well as for Flowtech Water Meters. This is a partnership firm closely related to the other units of the group. The Manufacturing and Quality Standards and Testing Facility is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards, Coimbatore and is successfully maintaining an ISI License since 2010. This unit has about 30 employees and has a capacity to manufacture about 10,000 pcs of Single jet meters a month.
This unit mainly manufactures Water Meter bodies of 15/20/25mm sizes in brass materials by casting and machining process as per the design and dimensions given by the above two units. This firm supplies Multijet bodies to UNIT-1, and Singlejet bodies to UNIT-2. This is a partnership firm closely related to the other units of the group. This Unit has capacity to mold about 1200 kg/ day in two shifts. The entire Brass foundry and core making section with machine shop can supply brass bodies to our meter production units to a maximum of 25,000 pcs a month.
This unit manufactures and supplies Air Valves, Water Meter Chambers in specially moulded dies which are long lasting. These are available in 2 types, namely Small Chamber and Super Chamber. This unit also manufactures Airvalves, which are also fixed in the water meter supply lines. This is a partnership firm closely related to the other three firms of the group.


At Flowtech, we define success by creating the right product for our customers. Our superior technology and technical expertise have been the foundation from which we create, build and develop our businesses and markets. Flowtech offers its customers a complete range of ISI / ISO marked water meters in all sizes and types. Our products are branded as “ARISTO”, “AQURA” and “ASTRA”. Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, listening to their needs and anticipating the challenges and developing the right product for their requirement enables us to consistently create innovative product ranges of water meters. Our Products are recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards and are Model approved under Ministry of Commerce and Dept. of Legal Metrology, Govt. of India. We offer 15mm to 25mm sizes for Domestic household connections in both Single Jet and Multi-jet Type and from 25mm to 50mm sizes of Heavy Duty Brass Body Screw type Multijet Water Meter. There are three varieties of Industrial Woltman type water meters of sizes from 50mm onwards until 350mm sizes. Class C water meters are also developed for the customers requiring finer accuracy.

A complete range of Electro-magnetic Flow Meters for 25mm up-to 400mm size are available under the Brand Name “Flowtech-Frehnig Series”. One of the units of our group is dedicated to offer contractors accessories of water supply lines like Domestic Air valves, Water Meter Chambers/ Protection Boxes used to house water meters in domestic households. They are made of high quality plastics like PPGF or HDPE and are available in several models. We are a leading water meter supplier to KWA and TWAD board, PCB and Ground Water Department’s requirement and most preferred by all bulk water consumers such as Hotels, Hospital, Malls etc. FLOWTECH is chosen as the most preferred company to supply water meters for many turnkey projects like Jalanidhi, JICA, World Bank assisted 24*7 drinking water projects and all AMRUT drinking water supply schemes in South India. Presently we have a market share of about 60% in Kerala State, selling about 18,000 meters monthly and about 2,50,000 meters annually. Our products have received the recognition due to the best quality products and after sales service.