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The Group consists of four Production units dealing with manufacturing of water meters of all sizes and its related products. We have a well organised infrastructure of 25,000 sq. ft. fully owned by our group and its promoters in the industrial area in Coimbatore with a dedicated workforce of over 120 employees. The various departments and its brief activities are given below:

Plastic Spare Parts of Water meters are manufactured by using dies and molds and parts are produced using Injection Molding semi-automatic Machines. Dies of each spares are individually owned by us and are strictly as per our design. The company owns more than 40 molds for various models of water meter we manufacture. All of these dies are designed by our Chief engineer –Design & R&D. and further maintenance is done in our own workshops.
Our Group’s unit-2 owns 3 nos. of Windsor make, Heavy duty semi-automatic Plastic Injection Molding Machines and one Vertical Light-weight Molding machine. The dies having multiple cavities which ensures uniformity in product quality and higher productivity. A supervisor is specially assigned to set dies before production and verify the correctness of spares quality during the mass production. These machines have a capacity to produce about 600 shots/ 8 hours shift or roughly 2400 pcs/ shift. These machines are assigned for 12 hours shifts per day.
Unit-1 mainly has facility of manufacturing of multi-jet water meters of sizes 15mm, 20mm & 25mm. The unit has about 36 skilled/ unskilled workers and has a capacity to manufacture more than 10,000 pcs of Single jet meters a month per shift. The Manufacturing and Quality Standards and Testing Facility is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards, Coimbatore and is successfully maintaining an ISI License since 2010.
Unit-2 mainly has facility of manufacturing of single jet watermeter of sizes 15mm/20mm. We have a setup of quality inspection after each individual process. Testing and calibration is undertaken by skilled workers and we have a setup of 6 test benches in this unit with all testing equipment as specified by ISI. All test equipment are yearly calibrated by third party agencies/laboratories. The production records and quality reports are maintained for 10 years. The manufacturing process consists of major works- The unit has about 30 skilled/ unskilled workers and has a capacity to manufacture more than 10,000 pcs of Single jet meters a month per shift. The Manufacturing and Quality Standards and Testing Facility is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards, Coimbatore and is successfully maintaining an ISI License since 2010.
Unit-3 at Madukkarai engages with the Brass Foundry, core making and machining section of all the units. We are one of the fewest manufacturers in India having our own Brass Foundry Casting Division and Machine Shop. This indigenous in-house Manufacturing capability ensures us with the capacity to manufacture any higher volumes and with any desired changes as recommended by the customers. This Unit mainly manufactures Water Meter bodies of 15/20/25mm sizes in brass materials by casting and machining process as per the design and dimensions given by the above two units. This firm supplies Multijet bodies to UNIT-1, and Singlejet bodies to UNIT-2. This Unit has capacity to mold about 1200 kg/ day in two shifts. The entire foundry and core making section with machine shop can supply brass bodies to our meter production units to a maximum of 25,000 pcs a month.
Our Production facility mainly has facility of manufacturing of domestic watermeter of sizes 15mm,20mm & 25mm. The unit has about TWELVE Fully Equipped Test Benches, each of which are capable of Testing about 16 nos of meter in one Cycle each and every Tester can test up-to 8 rounds of testing per bench in a normal shift of 8 hrs working time. Maximum Capacity to test and Calibrate is 1500pcs/ normal shifts. Testers are qualified and experienced personnel. The Test Benches are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards, Coimbatore and are setup as per the guidelines mentioned in the Testing Procedure of IS 6784 standards. Suitable pumps deliver the required flow rate and pressure and are controlled by Valves for finer tuning and adjustment. Rotameters are used to indicate flowrates, while Pressure Guages are installed at the inlet and outlet side of the Test Bench. Each meter is held at the Test bench using Hangers of Suitable sizes. All Test Equipment are calibrated once in a year by third party Laboratories and certificates are maintained. Periodically the Performance of each device is also maintained internally using specific calibrated devices.


We at Flowtech give Paramount importance to the Quality of Water Meters at our Works. Our water meters are engineered to last with strict production, calibration and testing processes to secure a consistently high quality product with a sales return margin close to 0.01% of Annual Volume. The production is run by skilled and well trained employees and all water meters go through extensive testing and calibration before they leave our production facilities. Through our persistent quality production and Timely deliveries we have gained high appreciation. This helps us in maintaining competitive edge over other companies. We are provided with strict quality control method which allows us in maintaining a strict eye over quality standards. We procure quality material from reliable vendor source through which we manufacture quality products. Each of the water meter passes through a rigorous testing method as per the ISI standards. The four main Routine Tests are carried out on all meters before packing and dispatch.

1. Metering Accuracy Test at Qmax, Qnominal, Qminimum and Qtransitional
2. Loss of Pressure or Head Loss at Qmax and Qnominal
3. Pressure Tightness Test
4. Minimum Starting Flow

Testing and calibration Labs in our Factory premises are certified by Bureau of Indian Standards. The above tests are carried out in same procedure at both Metering Production Units.

Pressure Tightness or Leak Test : is carried on each and every body before Testing by subjecting the meter to 16kg/cm2 for 15min and 20kg/cm2 for 1 minute. The meter has to withstand the same without any leaks or burst.

LIFE TEST: both the units are equipped with a separate test bench for conducting internal Life Test(Endurance Test), wherein a batch of 3 meters are randomly taken once in Six months meters are subjected to a rigorous test of Discontinous flow for 15 sec on and off at Qnominal for 1,00,000 pulses and thereafter subjected to Continous Flow at Maximum Flow rate for a period of 100 hours. Routine Tests are carried on and after the above tests. And records for the same are maintained.

Temperature Suitability Test Facility: Once in three months meters are randomly drawn and Dipped at a temperature of 45 degree for a period of 10 hours. Routine test are conducted before and after the test to understand the impact of the temperature on the internal spares of the meter and its Performance. Records for the same are maintained.
Both units have their own LIFE TEST and Temperature Suitability Testing Setup. Apart from these all our individual processes have its own Quality checks which are carried using various devices like Vernier Callipers, Guages, Jigs, Fixtures, Go and No Go gauges for checking body dimensions and thread sizes. Dials are individually checked for its working efficiency using Air pump Test Benches


IP68 Test of Water Meter

Model Approval by Department of Consumer Affairs, Goverment of India for Multijet meters

Model Approval by Department of Consumer Affairs, Goverment of India for Singlejet meters

BIS Certificate- Flowtech

BIS Certificate- V4 Technologies

Legal Metrology Licence

NABL Life Test Report- 15mm Singlejet

NABL Life Test Report- 20mm Singlejet

NABL Life Test Report- 15mm Multijet