Welcome to FLOWTECH


"Flowtech’s Vision is to be an undisputable Leader in the Indian Water Metering Industry. To be a one stop metering solution provider for all our customers, water boards and associate companies. We want to transform the usage of water, its distribution and accountability in India by revolutionising and empowering the water boards with advanced smart metering technology. Inline with this vision, Flowtech shall work in close coordination with our Clients to innovatively build a smarter, proactive and efficient water management system using the most superior technology.


At FLOWTECH, our Mission is two-fold.

1. Product Mission- to provide our customers with a reliable and quality product complimented with superior technology at an affordable price. We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous product innovation driven by the integrity, teamwork, technical expertise and creativity of our workforce.

2. Economic Mission– To create, build and develop our business by improving productivity, reducing wastage and increasing efficiency through consistent improvement in our system and to operate and grow at a profitable rate by adopting sound economic decisions and achieving an unequivocal excellence in all aspects of business.


Our company is able to retain a competitive edge in Water Meter industry due to combination of reliable and high quality product complimented with remarkable support of our workforce.

Our alliance with our clients is forged by our commitment to Quality and pursuit for excellence. We take great pride in the customer service aspect of business. We believe that the Quality never exceeds the Cost of Failure. We serve under the skilful & experienced management which provide effective & efficient service to you by offering Variety of products with flexibility & competitive price, which exactly fits your purchase target. A Detailed product wise Technical brochure is also attached as reference to our customers to clarify on all technical aspects of the product to give greater detailed insights on the product.

In case of any further queries regarding any of our products, our marketing team happily and eagerly clarifies all concerns and doubts of the customer. In most cases a sample product images are sent to give the customer a better judgement on the product before purchase.Our team is known for their coordinating working patterns, which allow them to achieve streamlined production process as well delivery schedules. Our personnel keep a strict eye over their logistic systems which enable them to execute speedy delivery processes. In most cases all deliveries are well executed on the same business day or within 24 hours of order reciept.