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Technical spec:

Multi jet, Velocity Type, Inferential, Super dry dial, straight reading in KLitres, Horizontal Flow, Magnetic Coupled water meter as per IS 779:94 and conforming to ISO 4064(1) Class 'B' Standard, suitable for Horizontal line connections.


AQURA multi jet is a velocity type inferential water meter. Water enters into the measuring chamber through specially designated holes, which directs the flow at the turbine equally from several points around its circumference; minimizing uneven wear on the turbine and its shaft. Water moves out from the chamber through a different set of holes to the outlet. The number of performed turns of the turbine is proportional to the volume of water passing through the meter. A drive magnet transmits the motion of the turbine to a driven magnet of the dial register, housed in a strong upper chamber. The driven magnet is connected to a gear train which translates the turbine's rotation into volume totalization displayed on the counters. An external regulator mechanism is provided to adjust and fine tune the accuracy within excellent limits.


Sizes upto 25mm- Approved as per IS 779:94, Class 'B'. Sizes: 25mm to 50mm Conforms to ISO 4064 (1) Class 'B'


15mm ,20mm , 25mm.


  • The total internal mechanism is sealed using washers and rings to the brass body and covered using Locking ring of engineering plastic threaded to the brass body internally to make it a water proof assembly.
  • Its unique anti-reversal flow construction restricts reverse flow and does not record reading.
  • The counters designed simple and precise, read in Kilo Litres and litres in circular pointers.
  • Star wheel in the middle shows turbine movements at the lowest flows and can be used to detect leakage.
  • Tamper-resistant construction: Meters cannot be tampered without breaking seal.
  • Light weight turbine pivoted perfectly on a highly polished non magnetic SS Pivot keeps in perfect symmetrical balance and avoids friction and tension in turbine movement.
  • High quality sapphire jewels bearing provided for low flow start-up and superior low flow accuracy
  • High quality UV additive virgin engineering plastics used for manufacturing of components, prevents degradation over long period even in worst environment conditions.
  • Superior low flow rate accuracy and greater stability in high flow rates.
  • Not sensitive to particulates in the water…The inner case protective cover design prevents foreign particles to simply pass right through, causing no damage to the meter
  • Protective chambers restrict and designate the flow and protects the turbine from direct impact of water force.
  • Optional Pulse output facility can be provided a 1 ltr or 10 ltr/ pulse for advanced AMR Application.
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