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Technical spec:

Woltman Type, Inferential, Super dry dial, straight reading in KILOLitres, Horizontal Flow, Magnetically Coupled water meter conforming to ISO 4064(1) Class 'B' Standard, most suitable for horizontal line connections. Performs accurately up-to a maximum water temperature of 95° Celcius.


AQURA Woltman HOT Water meter comprises a rotor with helical blades inserted axially in the flow. The Working mechanism is the same as that of Cold Woltman Water Meter except that All internal spare parts of the mechanism are made of a special plastic like Teflon, PTFE to ensure the parts withstand without any deformation or wear and tear due to high temperature of 90 degree Celcius. Water flows through the inlet of the body and enters the measuring chamber and rotates the horizontal axis propeller. The velocity and the number of performed turns of the propeller are proportional to the volume of water passing through the meter. A drive magnet transmits the motion of the propeller to a driven magnet located in the sealed dial register. The driven magnet is connected to a gear train which translates the turbine rotation into a volume displayed on the counters in a dry dial register. Special shape of its inlet and outlet bearing is counteracting the natural hydraulic thrust applied on the impellor and preventing any downstream pivot wear. Thus meters are able to withstand high flows without impacting low flow accuracy. At the Low Flow rate until the transitional flowrate the meter performs at an accuracy level of 3% of total volume instead of 2%.


Conforms to ISO 4064 (1) Class 'B'. (Except Error% at Qmin- 3%)


50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm.


  • Removable and interchangeable measuring unit helps in easy installation and maintenance without recalibration.
  • All internal spare parts of the mechanism is made of a special plastic like Teflon / PTFE to ensure the parts withstand without any deformation due to high temperature of 90 degree Celcius.
  • The bodies are produced with high quality GG25 grey cast iron and are coated inside and outside with a potable water approved epoxy coating. The Red painting is also special to ensure No degradation due to high temperature exposure. This reliably protects the meter from corrosion and ensures that the potable water remains safe even at a high temperature.
  • The hermetically sealed dial register is protected by a metal protective lid, prevents breakage and readability issue even in the worst environmental conditions.
  • Star wheel in the middle shows turbine movements at the lowest flows and can be used to detect leakage.
  • Improved readability: Dials can be rotated 360 for convenient meter reading.
  • Its proven technology combines good quality metrology properties and great endurance.
  • Magnetic transmission propeller rotation keeps the register completely separate from water, only the propeller and transmission shaft gets in contact with water.
  • Bodies equipped with flanges according to the standards DIN 2501 and ISO 7005 PN10/PN16 respectively.
  • Inlet and outlet bearings are specially designed to withstand natural hydraulic thrust. It prolongs the life of the moving parts and end result is long term accuracy of water meter.
  • Optional Pulse output facility can be provided a 10 ltr, 100 ltr or 1000ltr/ pulse for advanced AMR Application.
  • Remote display units can be connected for reading from hard-to-read locations.