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Water meter chambers / protection boxes


We introduce Flowtech’s new innovative concept product called Water Meter Chambers or Protection Box. These are designed to house the water meter and protect it from external damages during exposure. These light weight, ergonomically designed boxes are molded by a High Pressure Plastic Injection Molding Processusing avariety of raw materials which are UV Resistant Engineering Plastics (PPGF/PP/PE).These are available in two models based on their Dimensions- Standard Chamber and Super Chamber.


Material of Construction:

Bottom Box:

Can be molded using:
1. Polypropylene Material with 30% Glass Filled (GF).
2. PE (PolyEthylene) Material.

Upper Lid:

Can be molded using:
1. Polypropylene (PP) Material with 30% Glass Filled (GF).
2. PE (Poly Ethylene) Material.
3. Special Glass like Material: Transparent Polycarbonate (PC) Clear Material.

Plastic material generally when exposed to external heat sunlight, rain and moisture tend to lose their chemical composition and strength. To avoid this condition, The raw material PP/ PE is further mixed with a UV Resistant compound which strengthens the product making it flexible and durable and an unbreakable product even though exposed to UV rays of Sun, climatic conditions in India’s tropical climate, humidity and monsoon. The product is well sturdy and flexible and will not break even under external pressure when installed in terrain and hilly areas. It can successfully withstand a payload / dead weight of 150kg for a period of two hours. These chambers are provided with escape holes in the bottom which does not allow water to be clogged or remain stagnant and thus saving the meter from water clogging issues and provides proper drainage, easy readability and hygienic storage of meter. Its compact size allows it to be installed in the most convenient position and hence is very easy to handle. The chamber is also provided with a protective lid with locking facility. Once the water meter reading is taken the chamber can be closed or even locked thus preventing the meter from being exposed to external atmosphere or theft etc. These meter chambers are also provided with 2 sets of accessories; a Prefabricated S Bend, which is designed in line with the specification of ISI standard to allow the water to enter the meter chamber smoothly and reducing water flow pressure that causes damage to the meter. This S-BEND arrangement also ensures that as per the standard instruction the meter’s body shall always be filled with water even though there is no regular supply. Hence the meter will not be damaged in the event of a sudden high pressure supply. One additional benefit is that this arrangement shall also prevent the water meter from reading in the event of air passing through the line. The S-bend design also ensures that there is a very less pressure loss (within permissible limits as per ISI standards) due to the water meter in the line. Since the product is made up of plastic hence there is no chance of rusting or corrosion of chamber hinges as seen in the conventional method of installation.


  • Special PP / PEmixed with UV Resistant Material makes it an all Weather Proof Strong Unbreakable Product.
  • Concept Design Makes Installation/ Removal Procedure - "a Less Than 10 Minutes Job"!
  • UV Resistant Material Used to Ensure Non-degradation due To Sunlight and Water Logging,hence, Longer Life of Meter and Chamber.
  • Escape Holes Provided to Ensure Proper Drainage and hygienicstorage of Meter.
  • Chamber with Locking Facility ensures Safety of Meters Against any Damage or Theft.
  • PVC Pipes And Fittings Designed as Per ISI Installation Procedure.
  • Special S-bend Pipes Ensures Least Permissible Pressure Loss.
  • Connecting Material Provided with Chamber hence no Additional Purchase of Bends, sockets.
  • Light Weight Makes It Easy To Handle.
  • No Rusting or Corrosion of Lid or Chamber.
  • One Time Investment To Keep The Meter Guaranteed For A Long Life!

Installation Procedure:

  • Insert both molded pipes into the holes provided for it.
  • Fix the socket with Tail Piece thread end.
  • Connect the meter to both Coupling- Nut ends with washers.
  • Keep the meter inside the box and adjust pipe ends accordingly and tighten the meter with coupling nuts with union washers kept in. Please note the direction of flow of water.
  • Keep the box underneath the ground leaving top of Chamber atleast 4 inches above the ground level to avoid flood water entering into Chamber.
  • Connect the Pipes with the main line to the Chamber and insert the fixing rod finally to connect Lid with Chamber.
  • You can fix Main Cock, Ball Valve and Meter inside the Super Chamber safely.