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FLOWTECH is one of the largest water meter manufacturing company in India. Established in the year 2009, today Flowtech Group consists of four manufacturing units and has over 25,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facility in Coimbatore with a dedicated workforce of over 120 employees who jointly contribute to the production of various sizes of water meters and its associated products.

We are able to retain competitive edge in industry due to a combination of reliable and high quality product complimented with remarkable support of our workforce. Our indigenous in-house Manufacturing capability ensures us with the capacity to manufacture any higher volumes with any desired changes as recommended by the customers and warrants a consistently high quality of our products and solutions, which serves as the biggest benefit for our customers.


We at Flowtech give Paramount importance to the Quality of Water Meters at our Works. The production is run by skilled and well trained employees and all water meters go through extensive testing and calibration process before they leave our production facilities. Our water meters are engineered to last due to a strict quality control production method which allows us in maintaining a strict eye over quality standards and produce a consistently high quality product. Through our persistent quality production and Timely deliveries we have gained high appreciation. This helps us in maintaining competitive edge over other companies.


At Flowtech, we define success by creating the right product for our customers. Our superior technology and technical expertise have been the foundation from which we create, build and develop our businesses and markets. Flowtech offers its customers a complete range of ISI / ISO marked water meters in all sizes and types in over 50 varieties.

Customer Service

Our alliance with our clients is forged by our commitment to Quality and pursuit for excellence. We take great pride in the customer service aspect of business. We believe that the Quality never exceeds the Cost of Failure. We serve under the skilful & experienced management which provide effective & efficient service to our customers by offering Variety of products with flexibility & competitive price.

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